American Presidents

These are photographs of embroidered portraits of presidents of my lifetime. I find the backside with all the loose threads and knots more intriguing than the front.  It was more expressionistic, but beyond that, it seemed to reveal a fundamental truth about people, particularly those in the public eye.  We are presented with the practiced face, but that tends to be a façade, and hidden behind is the tangle of their real lives – the mistakes, embarrassments, weaknesses, and problems that affect us all. 
Two of the pieces were found, but most of the original pieces were created to be photographed. I enlisted friends and family, and even taught myself to use needle and thread.  The one stipulation was that the front was to be made as perfectly as possible, without regard to the backside.  I was looking for the accidental qualities.  Printed iamges are approximaely 30" x 40".

      © Larry Schwarm 2015